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Best SellerCléo Deux Carré StudsCléo Deux Carré Studs
Cléo Deux Carré Studs Sale priceFrom $ 300.00 USD
Clear Topaz Triple Carré StudsClear Topaz Triple Carré Studs
Clear Topaz Triple Carré Studs Sale priceFrom $ 288.00 USD
#color_yellow gold#color_yellow gold
Aztec Triple Baguette Star Crawler Sale priceFrom $ 1,100.00 USD
Royale Celestial Burst MedallionRoyale Celestial Burst Medallion
Royale Celestial Burst Medallion Sale priceFrom $ 6,925.00 USD
Heavy Rectangle Link ChainHeavy Rectangle Link Chain
Heavy Rectangle Link Chain Sale priceFrom $ 3,250.00 USD
Cléo Geometric Stackable RingCléo Geometric Stackable Ring
Cléo Geometric Stackable Ring Sale price$ 1,150.00 USD
Dew Drop Diamond BandDew Drop Diamond Band
Dew Drop Diamond Band Sale price$ 1,100.00 USD
Méditerranée Joanna Wide HoopMéditerranée Joanna Wide Hoop
Méditerranée Joanna Wide Hoop Sale priceFrom $ 1,650.00 USD
Méditerranée Ring BandMéditerranée Ring Band
Méditerranée Ring Band Sale priceFrom $ 1,750.00 USD
Dew Drop Étoile BandDew Drop Étoile Band
Dew Drop Étoile Band Sale price$ 850.00 USD
Cléo Trio Station NecklaceCléo Trio Station Necklace
Cléo Trio Station Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 1,250.00 USD
Dew Drop Mini Heart LocketDew Drop Mini Heart Locket
Dew Drop Mini Heart Locket Sale priceFrom $ 2,200.00 USD
Bohème Smooth Lavender Opal Rondelle NecklaceBohème Smooth Lavender Opal Rondelle Necklace
Bohème Smooth Paraiba Opal Rondelle NecklaceBohème Smooth Paraiba Opal Rondelle Necklace
Bohème Smooth Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rondelle NecklaceBohème Smooth Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rondelle Necklace
Bohème Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Heishi NecklaceBohème Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Heishi Necklace
Jac+Jo Soul Turquoise Rondelle BraceletJac+Jo Soul Turquoise Rondelle Bracelet
Bohème Light Chrysocolla Rondelle Bracelet
Bohème Green Turquoise Milly Charm Bracelet
Bohème Evil Eye Charm Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets Bracelet
Bohème Multicolor Heishi Bracelet
Bohème Multicolor Heishi Bracelet Sale price$ 275.00 USD
Classique Mini Milly Pendant NecklaceClassique Mini Milly Pendant Necklace
Classique Mini Milly Pendant Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 1,600.00 USD
Cléo Triple Carré Baguette StudsCléo Triple Carré Baguette Studs
Cléo Triple Carré Baguette Studs Sale priceFrom $ 550.00 USD
Bohème Smooth Disco Opal Rondelle NecklaceBohème Smooth Disco Opal Rondelle Necklace
Bohème Evil Eye Charm Rose Quartz Bracelet
Bohème Faceted Rose Quartz Crescent Moon Bracelet
Bohème Pink Opal Rondelle Bracelet
Bezel Bouquet Fan Studs Sale priceFrom $ 975.00 USD
Cléo Moonstone Charm NecklaceCléo Moonstone Charm Necklace
Cléo Moonstone Charm Necklace Sale price$ 1,650.00 USD
Jac+Jo Gold Gothic Charm Station NecklaceJac+Jo Gold Gothic Charm Station Necklace
#color_clear topaz#color_clear topaz
Aztec Micro Starburst Stud Sale priceFrom $ 238.00 USD
Best sellerMicro Aztec Starburst NecklaceMicro Aztec Starburst Necklace
Micro Aztec Starburst Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 475.00 USD
Best SellerClassique Diamond Pavé Paper Clip Double HoopsClassique Diamond Pavé Paper Clip Double Hoops
Mini Paper Clip Link ChainMini Paper Clip Link Chain
Mini Paper Clip Link Chain Sale price$ 875.00 USD
Large Paper Clip ChainLarge Paper Clip Chain
Large Paper Clip Chain Sale price$ 3,600.00 USD
Best SellerCléo Erika Floating Geometric Crew NecklaceCléo Erika Floating Geometric Crew Necklace
Best sellerBouquet Fleur de Lis Studs#color_swiss blue topaz
Bouquet Fleur de Lis Studs Sale priceFrom $ 650.00 USD
Droplet Briolette NecklaceDroplet Briolette Necklace
Droplet Briolette Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 975.00 USD
Marine Story Catcher with Turquoise and EmeraldMarine Story Catcher with Turquoise and Emerald
Bohème Smooth Chrysoprase Rondelle NecklaceBohème Smooth Chrysoprase Rondelle Necklace
Bohème Chrysoprase Rondelle Bracelet
Best SellerBohème Chrysoprase Rondelle Bracelet
Bohème Chrysophase BraceletBohème Chrysophase Bracelet
Bohème Chrysophase Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 830.00 USD
Classique Pavé Evil Eye Bracelet Sale priceFrom $ 950.00 USD
NewEvil Eye Disk NecklaceEvil Eye Disk Necklace
Evil Eye Disk Necklace Sale priceFrom $ 695.00 USD
Dew Drop Mediterranean Evil Eye MedallionDew Drop Mediterranean Evil Eye Medallion
Dew Drop Mediterranean Evil Eye Medallion Sale priceFrom $ 2,800.00 USD
#color_turquoiseClassique Pavé Evil Eye Ring
Classique Pavé Evil Eye Ring Sale price$ 650.00 USD
Bohème Violet Jade Bracelet
Bohème Violet Jade Bracelet Sale price$ 925.00 USD
Bohème Amazonite BraceletBohème Amazonite Bracelet
Bohème Amazonite Bracelet Sale price$ 425.00 USD
Bohème Smooth Amethyst Bracelet
Bohème Smooth Amethyst Bracelet Sale price$ 600.00 USD