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Jewelry Care

O U R   M A T E R I A L S

Anzie takes great pride in only using material from ethically responsible sources. All of our silver, gold and gemstones are conflict-free and collected from around the world.


Yellow Gold

Our yellow gold pieces are made with 14k gold, and any piece may be specially ordered in 18k gold. Gold, long considered to be one of earth’s most precious resources, is highly resilient. Though an enduring metal, gold is susceptible to discoloration and even disintegration when exposed to rough surfaces and harsh chemicals, especially bleach.

We exclusively source Royal Canadian Mint Grain Gold, ensuring that Anzie jewelry is made of environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and conflict-free gold.

Rose Gold

Our rose gold is produced by alloying 14k Gold with Copper to yield a beautiful rose hue. Like yellow gold, despite its resilience rose gold must be properly cared for and should not be put in contact with rough surfaces and harsh chemicals like bleach.

White Gold

Our White Gold is produced by alloying 14k Gold with nickel and zinc to create a bright white metal. It has a rhodium plating to maintain its bright white tone, and needs to be replated over time to avoid yellowing. Like yellow gold, white gold must be properly cared for and should not be put in contact with rough surfaces and harsh chemicals like bleach.


Agate - Usa

Amazonite - Brazil

Amethyst – Brazil

Black Onyx – India

Chrysoprase – Australia, Africa

Citrine – Brazil

Diamonds – India

Drusy – Brazil 

Emerald - Brazil

Green Amethyst – Brazil

Hematite – Canada, USA, India, China

Kunzite - Brazil, Afghanistan

Iolite – India

Labradorite - India

Lapis – North Africa

London Blue Topaz - India, Brazil, Africa

Malachite – Kenya

Mother of Pearl – China

Yellow sapphire - Tanzania

Orange and blue sapphires - Nigeria

Ruby-  Mozambique

Pink sapphire- Burma

Australian Opal - Australia

Ethiopian Opal - Ethiopia

Fresh Water Pearl – China

Peridot – China

Rainbow Moonstone – India

Pink sapphire- Burma

Rose Quartz – Brazil 

Rutilated Quartz – Brazil

Silverite - India

Sky Blue Topaz - India, Brazil, Africa

Swiss Blue Topaz - India, Brazil, Africa

Tourmaline – Brazil

Turquoise – Arizona

White Quartz – Brazil

White Sapphire – Thailand

White Topaz- India, Brazil, Africa

P R O D U C T  C A R E

Sterling Silver

All sterling silver is Rhodium plated to prevent the jewelry from tarnishing and maintain the bright color of the white metal. We recommend that pieces be professionally cleaned once a year. Over time silver jewelry may need to be re-rhodium plated to maintain a bright white finish. Chemical solutions should not be used as maintenance in between professional cleanings.

Instead, we suggest using a diluted solution of lukewarm water and liquid dishwashing soap and scrubbing the piece with a soft bristle toothbrush. When finished, it must be thoroughly rinsed off and dried well with an untreated cloth. For optimal preservation, ANZIE pieces should be stored in the ANZIE bag or box they came in, or a box with a lined interior.

14K and 18K Gold

Our gold pieces can be easily maintained by cleansing with non-abrasive jewelry cleansers. Try to avoid putting gemstones into chemical solutions. When drying, customers ought not to rub the piece and opt for blotting it dry instead.

Piercing Earrings

We have a selection of our stud earrings available for piercing. All our flat backs are 18 gauge threadless posts. The flat 8mm back is best for being pierced with, 6mm flat back or butterfly back is best for healed piercing.


Every type of jewel is as unique in composition as it is in appearance and luster. Certain gemstones require more care than others and, often times, different types of maintenance. Generally, we can recommend for all of our gemstones to avoid contact with harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, extreme temperatures, and rough surfaces. We also recommend removing your jewelry when showering, swimming, or sleeping to best care for your pieces.

Maintaining Mother-of-Pearl, Lapis, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Malachite, Emerald, Opal, Moonstone, Green Quartz, Chrysoprase, Drusy, and Labradorite:  These stones are more fragile and susceptible to damage without proper maintenance. These stones should not come into contact with household chemicals, nail polish remover, cosmetics, hairspray, or perfume. These stones should be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Maintaining Freshwater Pearls: Freshwater pearls require very special attention to ensure their preservation. We recommend wearing them often and storing them in a humid environment. For optimal maintenance, they should be lightly passed over with a soft cloth after each time they are worn.


Our diamonds are assigned to the color grade of F and G, meaning that they are colorless or near colorless. The following is a list of all of our diamond sizes and their carat weights.

Round MM Size

Round Average Carat Weight

1 mm.

0.005 ct.

1.2 mm.

0.009 ct.

1.5 mm.

0.015 ct.

2 mm.

0.03 ct.

<2.5 mm.

0.06 ct.

3 mm.

0.10 ct.

3.5 mm.

0.17 ct.

4 mm.

0.25 ct.

4.5 mm.

0.36 ct.

5.0 mm.

0.50 ct.

5.5 mm.

0.66 ct.

6 mm.

0.84 ct.

6.5 mm


7 mm.

1.30 ct.

7.5 mm.

1.67 ct.

8 mm.

2.00 ct.

8.25 mm.

2.11 ct.

8.5 mm.

2.43 ct.

8.7 mm.

2.50 ct.

9 mm.

2.75 ct.

9.1 mm.

3.00 ct.

9.5 mm.

3.35 ct.

9.75 mm.

3.61 ct.

10 mm.

3.87 ct.