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Article: What motherhood means to us

What motherhood means to us

As we gear up for Mother’s Day, I wanted to share some touching responses to the question, what does motherhood mean to you?

I became a mother in 2012 and am now a mom of three. Mother's day is a time where I reflect and feel so grateful for my family. I feel extremely lucky to have children in my life. It is an honor and a joy that I’ll admit, I sometimes take for granted. To most of us including myself, motherhood means having endless patience, putting everyone's needs before our own and having a new set of priorities.

As a working mom, I often have to fit my work into an impossibly small timeframe. Although maintaining a career throughout motherhood has been a tough challenge, it’s extremely fulfilling to have both my kids and my work.

Store owner, Jaimie Geller, posted a touching message about how her children are not only the most important people in her life but they are her entire world, her identity and the reason she goes to work every day. I was so touched by this and it really resonated with me. 

Jaimie also pointed out that creating personalized jewelry allows us to keep our loved ones close to us by wearing their names and initials in our pieces every day. 
Joanna Stein, our VP of Sales, shared that she loves doing art with her children, even with the messes that come along with it. We all admire her patience. I find doing art with my kids is a nice way to connect with them, as well as my inner child and allows me to be creative without taking myself too seriously and I really get to enjoy the process.
Having this conversation reminded me that being a mother isn't always easy but it's the most rewarding thing that I have ever done. 
I’d also like to acknowledge and thank all of those who help raise our children; the aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends, caretakers, who are always there for us.
Mothers come in all forms and we appreciate the caregivers who lovingly give their time, patience and energy to help care for and shape our children into the wonderful people they are becoming.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother figures out there!
Jaclyn and the Anzie team

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