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Article: Giving Back with the Lifesaver Collection

Giving Back with the Lifesaver Collection

March marks a meaningful time for us with Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Our philosophy since the inception of Anzie has been to celebrate life in colour and give back to the causes close to our hearts.

Our founder and namesake Anzie was an accomplished artist making paintings and etchings when her husband Barry was diagnosed with colon cancer.

As a productive and tangible form of coping and catharsis, Anzie and Barry created a line of jewelry to raise funds for colorectal cancer awareness. And the success of their first piece, the Lifesaver Bracelet, led to the official launch of Anzie Jewelry in 1999.

Today, our Lifesaver collection has evolved into what we all know and love about Anzie the brand, a celebration of colour, driven by an important and very personal cause. 

With every multicoloured sapphire piece sold, we give back to Colorectal Cancer Canada. This non-profit dedicated to colorectal cancer awareness and education, supports patients and caregivers, and advocates on their behalf.

In support of CCC and their initiatives to support the fight against colorectal cancer, we have designed a new Lifesaver bracelet with 100% of the proceeds going to CCC for the month of March, which is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.



Available in 14K yellow gold or sterling silver and featuring turquoise, Swiss blue topaz, and moonstone, the Lifesaver bracelet is bezel set, linked together by a cable chain and features the blue ribbon we wear in honor of colorectal cancer awareness.

Colorectal Cancer Canada has launched a campaign, Cancer doesn’t wait, why should you?, launched with a press release and a powerful video where those touched by the disease share their experiences with colorectal cancer and the importance of getting screened. Learn more or support Colorectal Cancer Canada directly here.

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