Curating Your Ear Stack

One of our favorite things about jewelry is that it’s a creative outlet, and that’s not limited to making it.

Creating art with jewelry extends to how you style your pieces and one of the easiest and most fun ways to express your vibe is through an ear stack.

We want to share a few tips and tricks that will guide you to a stacking masterpiece:

If you’re new to ear stacking, start by choosing a simple style you gravitate towards, such as studs or huggies. The minimalist approach never gets old.

If you’re no stacking novice, curate a mix and match stack. However the key is to choose one common thread to tie it all together. Whether it’s color, shape or size, find something to tie the stack together. 

We love a good themed stack and this is such a fun way to express your style. Symbols of luck, a fave color, diamonds, make this stack your own.

Ideally you want to start with the largest in your first piercing, and then decrease the diameter of the hoop as you move up the ear to create a balanced stack.
And if you ever need inspiration or guidance, our pros are here for you! Online via Instagram and in person at our showroom, which is opened weekdays, with an appointment!

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