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Article: Approach to Sustainable Manufacturing

Approach to Sustainable Manufacturing

Ethically sourced, locally made

We value manufacturing our pieces locally at our head office, in Montreal, QC, Canada. 

Our designers work closely with our jewelers to create the collection.  For over two decades we've worked hand in hand with our professional team, focusing on creating pieces that are beautiful, comfortable and inspired by nature.  Working with our team in Montreal ensures that our manufacturing process is sustainable, high quality, and we reduce our environmental impact. 

We are focusing on taking our sourcing a step further by requesting documentation for any gemstones we receive. Having worked with our suppliers for 25 years, we have built a relationship based on trust and honesty. We require all suppliers to implement due diligence tools of the responsible jewelry council RJC
Our main objective is to attain complete traceability for our entire product range in the near future. Continuously, we are exploring innovative solutions and reliable partnerships to achieve this goal.
Our diamonds are sourced from trusted suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is a government, industry, and societal joint initiative to stop the dissemination of conflict diamonds through a global certification strategy. 
While the Kimberley Process can be successful at ending the spread of conflict diamonds, it does not have specifications when it comes to labor, human, and environmental rights. While we try our best to ensure our gemstones are ethically sourced with these rights in mind, our practices are not perfect. We aim to provide certifications that exemplify how our metal and stone suppliers engage in responsible mining practices and adhere to standards for human rights and environmental protection. 
We offer lab grown diamond options, as well as Canadian Mined Certified Diamonds for larger custom orders. These diamonds can be guaranteed as ethically sourced.
We exclusively source Royal Canadian Mint Grain Gold, ensuring that Anzie jewelry is made of environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and conflict-free gold. Royal Canadian Mint Grain Gold is certified under the LMBA’s Responsible Gold and Silver Guidance, as well as certified by the Mining Association of Canada.
Yellow Gold
Our yellow gold pieces are made with 14k gold, and any piece may be specially ordered in 18k gold. Gold, long considered to be one of earth’s most precious resources and is highly resilient. Though an enduring metal, gold is susceptible to discoloration and even disintegration when exposed to rough surfaces and harsh chemicals, especially bleach.
Rose Gold
Our rose gold is produced by alloying 14k Gold with Copper to yield a beautiful rose hue. Like yellow gold, despite its resilience rose gold must be properly cared for and should not be put in contact with rough surfaces and harsh chemicals Like bleach.
White Gold
Our White Gold is produced by alloying 14k Gold with nickel and zinc to create a bright white metal. It has a rhodium plating to maintain its bright white tone, and needs to be replated over time to avoid yellowing. Like yellow gold, white gold must be properly cared for and should not be put in contact with rough surfaces and harsh chemicals like bleach.

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