JAC + JO Jewelry is made by women, for women. The collection is handmade in Montreal, Canada. JAC+JO Jewelry is designed to make women feel strong and empowered. With our industrial, rustic inspiration, we want to remind ourselves that we can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it. The industrial inspiration can be found in many of our pieces. In the Cog collection,  a unique shape that sparkles with diamonds and shines in gold or silver. In our Bolt collection, hexagons are a signature. Nuts, bolts, daggers and arrows are all symbols of strength.


Jaclyn and Joanna (Jac + Jo) are sisters who grew up in Montreal and were surrounded by art and creativity. From a young age, they learned to paint, draw, sculpt and design jewelry with their mother, Anzie.  Jac and Jo decided to create a new line of jewelry, designed for millennials, when they were approached by clients who were looking for just that. In May of 2018, they decided to launch JAC + JO, an accessibly priced collection of fine jewelry. Today, Jaclyn and Joanna collaborate in design and business and focus on making original pieces that our generation will live in comfortably. "We focus on making our pieces clean, simple, and unique." 

As sisters, Jac and Jo are each other's strongest source of inspiration. A portion of JAC+JO sales will be donated to women's interest groups. 

Black and white image of sisters Joanna and Jaclyn